“Bring it on”

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“Bring it on”

December 7, 2017

By Sascha Staat

Let’s make it short, Yvette Broch can’t wait for the match against Germany. Bring it on – and read what the Dutch line-player had to say about her personal development, the form of her team and the key game on Friday evening in Group D at the 2017 World Cup.

Let’s talk about the role you have taken lately. I think you already made a huge step forward in Györ last year, and even more so this season. You are also more involved in offense and you have become a true team leader.  Do you agree?

YB: I don’t know – I think everybody takes her own role. In the end we all lead together, every single one of us. I feel like I’m more confident since last year. And I believe one reason is that I have played a lot of games on a high level. It gives me faith to play these kind of games at a World championship.

I think you improved drastically in offense, you seem to be more involved…

YB: Yes, I think so. During my first year in Györ, I played mostly in defense. Now, I also get my minutes in the attack. For sure, playing more offense in your club make’s you better and better.

I just talked to your teammate, Lois Abbingh, some minutes ago and I said that you are around the 80 percent level as a team, right now, because my expectations are so high.  She replied that it’s maybe even less than 80 percent. What do you say?

YB: I agree, we didn’t show what we can do thus far. I think we made a big step forward against Serbia. We played well, we created a lot of chances. Sure, we missed some opportunities to score, but at least we created them. Actually, I felt okay after that game.

Do you have any idea why it didn’t work out so well in the first few games? I think – you as a player may deny it – it could be the pressure? There’s a lot of Dutch media here – you are a two-time finalist at big tournaments, so people have high expectations this time around.

YB: That’s true, media in the Netherlands has put some pressure on our team. But I think we handle it quite well. We spoke within the team, the players, the coaches, about what we expect from ourselves. It’s just the media that puts the pressure…

Excuse me?!

YB: Hahaha! …it’s not us who creates the pressure. I think we also had some difficult teams to play against. Like South Korea or Cameroon, even China – it’s not easy to play against these kind of teams.  As I said, every match is fun, it’s fun to be here. These games are part of the tournament and it’s more important to win.

What’s most important against Germany?

YB: I watched some games of Germany and they are playing well, their defense is very strong. We have to come with a lot of speed. I think it’s going to be a really nice game, two good teams – so bring it on!

It seems like all of you are very much looking forward to this match against the host nation?

YB: To play games on such a level is just great, I can’t wait for it to start.

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