No time left

By Sascha Staat Being just 19 years old it’s quite a burden if a whole handball nation expects you to be the decisive factor, leading your team to the promised land and winning a medal at the World championship, on home soil. But Emily Bölk couldn’t help her team too much so far because of a minor injury. With the top match against The Netherlands coming up later on Saturday, there’s hardly any ti… »

A new language

It was the move most people expected after Norway’s Christian Berge decided to stay put.  Still, the promotion of Ljubomir Vranjes’ current assistant, Maik Machulla, as Flensburg’s next head coach is… »

Christina Neagu

10 goals from Neagu not enough, as Vardar take all points

Andrea Penezic and Andrea Lekic combined for 15 goals, when Vardar won the top game in Group 1 of the Women´Champions League main round at Buducnost. In the other match in Group 1, on Sunday, Thuringe… »