“In January it’s dark 24 hours a day in Iceland – so we try to give people hope with handball”

By Kevin Domas He may be 34, but Bjorgvin Pall Gustavsson remains one of those goalkeepers that can change the course of a game. He proved it, once again, against Portugal, when his saves helped his team gain a much needed victory. Now, that Iceland are back on track for the race towards the semifinals, he sat down to talk about his vision of the new Icelandic national handball team. How satisfied… »

Torbjorn Bergerud forces Sweden out of competition

By Kevin Domas The Scandinavian derby on Sunday evening had Sweden with their backs against the wall, as a defeat against Norway would lead to the elimination of the hosts from the EHF EURO 2020 Elsew… »

Portugal trashes host Sweden

By Kevin Domas   Match of the Day Who would have thought that after the group phase Slovenia would start the main round on two points, having won all of their three matches? Not many. Yet, head c… »

“I think this team as a whole is better than its parts”

By Kevin Domas Fourteen years after their last participation, Portugal are back at the EHF EURO and they are here to stay, as they have demonstrated in the preliminary round of the competition. Actually, the team is largely responsible for the early elimination of France. Coach, Paulo Pereira, has been playing a big role in all of this, as he formed a real team and not just adding up a few talente… »

“Changes in defense are key to our performance”

By Kevin Domas His signing as new coach in Slovenia was one of the big news prior to the EHF EUR 2020.  After enduring the temper of Veselin Vujovic for a while, handball players of the national team… »

“From now on every game will be a final”

By Kevin Domas Who would have guessed that Slovenia will enter the Main Round of the EHF EURO 2020, with two points in the bag?  The bronze medallists of the 2017 World Championship are one of the pos… »

“Two gold medals would be the best way to go”

By Kevin Domas The EHF EURO 2020 will mark the beginning of  a turning point in the history of French handball.  Three key players – Cédric Sorhaindo, Luc Abalo and Michaël – plan on stopping their international careers after the next Olympics, assuming France will qualify. But, before even thinking about Tokyo, 37-year old Michaël Guigou aims for another gold medal in Stockholm. One win, one loss… »

“I’m not the new, young kid anymore”

Photo: K. Domas By Kevin Domas Changing clubs can be a bit hard to adapt to, especially for young players and even more so when going to another country. That’s exactly what happened for Romain Lagard… »

Kevin Domas’ Cave

Kevin has been a freelance journalist and photographer for half a decade now. His experience includes writing for French website “Handnews” as well as “Hand Action” the magazine and the EHF Media Team… »

“Defending the title is a huge motivation”

By Kevin Domas At the moment, France are at the very top of women’s handball. Just a couple of years ago, the likes of Norway, Netherlands and Russia were among the first ones that came to mind when asked to name the favorites before the commencement of an international competition.  Times have changed and it’s different now. After winning the IHF World championship in 2017 and the EHF EURO last y… »