“Records are great but we have to look ahead”

By Kevin Domas INTERVIEW – Is Paris Saint-Germain the best team ever competing in the Champions League? If you look at some of the stats there’s hardly any doubt. The club from theFrench capital just beat two records that speak volumes about the team’s potential, even though no title has been won, yet.  Of the fourteen games in the Group Phase of the VELUX EHF Champions League, Paris succeeded thi… »

“Maybe I needed to push myself to the limit”

By Kevin Domas INTERVIEW – It’s been a month since Emmanuel Mayonnade accepted the job as coach of the Dutch women’s national team, following the departure of Helle Thomsen. At age 35 the new engageme… »

“We don’t lack motivation”

By Kevin Domas INTERVIEW – Is it crisis time in Montpellier? Not yet. But, it’s do-or-die for the reigning champion of the VELUX EHF Champions League. If a crisis results, it will have to wait until n… »

Where is Valentin Porte?

By Kevin Domas Have you seen Valentin Porte recently? If you haven’t, it might be because you have been looking in the wrong places. The captain of Montpellier, who in his club usually plays in the right back court, has seen a change when playing for the French national team. He now finds himself on right wing, a position he still has to fall in love with, even though he knows it quite well. “In T… »

Just another day at the office

By Kevin Domas Two games and he already got the world at this feet. Melvyn Richardson is this kind of player. Yesterday, at Lanxess Arena, he scored f0ur goals within minutes against Spain, in Frances… »

“For us to be ahead of Serbia makes us extremely proud”

Photo: Kevin Domas By Kevin Domas INTERVIEW – Denmark’s powerful performance against Norway or the clash between France and German have made the headlines during the preliminary phase of the World Cha… »

Mahe – finally

If Christian Prokop was satisfied with Germany’s draw against France, “Les Experts” were in complete agreement. Even though Didier Dinart’s men were trailing most of the time, they showed up when it counted most.  In goal, Vincent Gérard may not have delivered his best performance ever, but he had a crucial save against Fabian Böhm. By the same token, Timothey N’Guessan didn’t do much for most of… »

“Final” Match of Group A

By Chris O’Reilly + Kevin Domas Head-to-Head – Germany vs France Tuesday evening’s headline match in Berlin provides us with the first true heavyweight clash of the 2019 World Championship, co-hosts G… »

“As long as you try hard, people will trust you”

By Kevin Domas  INTERVIEW – If you haven’t heard about Dika Mem, you must have been living in a cave or under a rock for the past three years. The French right-hander, who turned 21 last August, has s… »

Noch einmal schlafen…

By Kevin Domas In Berlin, everything is going according to plan. Germany and France lead Group A with four points each and both favorites have been going down the same path. A first game of average quality, including wins that didn’t convince anyone except themselves. The stress of dealing with the vagaries of a  first game was to blame for the performance according to the two coaches. But, on Sat… »