Third time is a charm – maybe not

Hungary’s Veszprem already looked like the champion of Europe, but shockingly wasted a 9-goal lead in the most dramatic Champions League final to date, losing to Kielce in a penalty shoot-out.  It was a heartbreaking loss for the club and its fans, the “red Hungarian army”, who once again had traveled to Cologne to see their heroes win – finally. But the historic match highlighted Veszprem’s bigge… »

Jesper Noddesbo

New approach, same goals in Barcelona

Although German outfit THW Kiel has emerged as a top threat to Barcelona’s throne as the biggest club in handball the Catalans are still number one, and maybe that’s not really a point of discussion.… »

Fit or not fit is the question

Guess what, Rhein-Neckar Löwen weren’t too happy when the Champions League draw was held earlier this summer.  They will face a lot of beatable teams in their group, but not the most attractive ones.… »

Cologne to remain a dream for Vardar

From Kielce we move on to Macedonia – Skopje to be exact – in our preview of next season’s Champions League.  After Yugoslavia’s split up, the nation of Macedonia became one of the most interesting stories in the world of handball, while superstar Kiril Lazarov put the small country on the map with his outstanding performances over the years.  So far Macedonia has been missing a big time club, but… »

Preparing the future, winning now

I’ve seen a lot of handball games on location, especially in recent times.  Finals of all major tournaments like the EURO, the World Championship or even the Olympic games. Final matches of European c… »

New rules, new game

I guess by now all of you have read about the new rules which were put into effect prior to the start of the new season.  They were in use already during the Olympic games in Rio da Janeiro, which was… »

The Spin-O-Rama King

He’s young, maybe a little bit crazy as well, but first and foremost he’s fun to talk to.  He was a member of the young German national team that stunned the world of handball, winning the EHF Euro 2016 in Poland.  And since Jannik Kohlbacher is a “stregspiller”, why not take a closer look at him and his position, his unique style of play and his thoughts about the crazy idea to catch a handball w… »

Cold as ice, successful like hell

Yes, he’s as cold as ice, but unlike the musicians of “Foreigner” in their world-famous song from 1977, Dagur Sigurdsson is taking advice, mostly from his assistant coaches Axel Kromer and Alexander H… »

No work, no problem

He’s outspoken, he’s charismatic, and he’s a good player.  Still German “stregspiller” Christoph Theuerkauf is currently without a club.  It’s strange because when you look at his career and his age,… »

From Russia with Success

Yes, Russian athletes are probably not the most popular people these days.  After German journalist Hajo Seppelt had uncovered a national doping system and the McLaren report was published, a lot of people wanted Russia to be excluded from the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.  We all know the outcome of the story, so we should put it behind us. After all, the Russian female national handball team… »