Hosting handball EURO 2016 is big for Poland

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Being the host of the Men´s Handball European Championship later this month makes Poland’s people proud, explains Marci Herra, the head of the Local Organizing Committee. By Peter Bruun Wishing all our readers a Happy New Year 2016, we begin to look forward to the Men´s European championship, which starts in Poland later this month.  The requirements for the organizing …

They Did It Again

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After thrashing the Netherlands in the 2015 World Championship final, Norway now occupies all three thrones in women´s handball. By Peter Bruun Women´s 2015 World Championship Final Netherlands vs Norway 23:31 (9:20) The Result In the shadows of yet another scandal at the International Handball Federation – council members Leon Kalin and Sandi Sola left the organization after a turbulent …

The Netherlands

Business as usual – almost!

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Norway and the Netherlands meet in the final of the 22nd Women´s World Championship after yet another fantastic handball day in Herning!  By Peter Bruun The Netherlands in a World Championship final. That must be football, right?  Wrong! The Dutch women´s handball team is ready for their first final ever at a major championship after defeating one of the two …

Kim Rasmussen

“Our spirit can take us far!”

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INTERVIEW – Poland´s Danish coach Kim Rasmussen speaks to about his team´s World Championship thus far and his expectations before the semi-final match against the Netherlands. By Peter Bruun Poland has been one of the biggest and most positive surprises at the 2015 World Championship.  After some inconsistent performances in the preliminary round (the squad finished third in Group …

Adriana Nechita

A Night of Surprises

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 By Peter Bruun  It was a night of true surprises at the quarter-finals of the Women´s 2015 World Championship.  Poland send out Russia, while the Netherlands defeated France – and it was probably not in the cards that Romania was going to defeat Denmark in extra time. Only the game between Norway and Montenegro went according to expectations although, the …

Trefilov 2.0

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Russia´s strong performance at the 2015 World Championship is partly due to a remarkable transformation of coach – Evgeniy Trefilov By Peter Bruun In recent years, the results of Russia´s female national handball team have been far off the level of the squad´s golden age, in the first decade of this millennium, when Russia earned four World Championship titles – …

Katarina Bulatovic

Bulatovic’s Norwegian Memories

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By Peter Bruun FEATURE – Katarina Bulatovic has developed a tradition for playing well against Norway.  Wednesday evening, she and her Montenegrin teammates are up against the Scandinavian handball powerhouse once again – this time at the quarter-final at the 2015 World Championship in Denmark. Maybe it’s too much of an exaggeration claiming that Katarina Bulatovic always plays well against …

Kim Rasmussen

Final 8

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The participants in the quarter-final matches at World Cup 2015 in Denmark have all been determined.  Poland, Montenegro, France and Russia have joined the round of “final-eigth”. By Peter Bruun Poland vs Hungary 24:23 (13:14) The Result Poland accomplished a big surprise and send Hungary out of the tournament through a narrow 24:23 win after a close and thrilling second …

Team Denmark


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World Cup’15 has reached its “Do-or-Die” stage.  Denmark, Norway, Romania and the Netherlands took the first hurdle of elimination games successfully. The Host Denmark vs Sweden 26:19 (15:7) The Result It was a good outcome – for team Denmark, the organizers of the tournament, (most) spectators and TV ratings. 26:19 (15:7) was the final score between the host and the …

Anne Mette Hansen

Ahead of the 1/8 Final – The Short View

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So far the home team has delivered at the low end of expectations at the 2015 World Cup.  Coach Jorgensen’s defensive measures have not had the positive impact that he and all supporters of Danish handball have been hoping for.  Next, his squad will meet Sweden in a “Do-or-Die “ 1/8 final.  Will Line Jorgensen (if she is able to …