A bunch of winners

A few people thought that winning the DKB Handball-Bundesliga in 2016 would be the last title of its kind for Rhein-Neckar Löwen in a long time. The “face” of the club, Uwe Gensheimer, was set to leave to  join Paris Saint-Germain. In the meantime Andy Schmid wouldn’t stay injure-free for another season, as some expected. And with all the stress, a Champions League season brings along for top Germ… »

Lessons to learn

When I talked to Stole Stoilov, the captain of freshly crowned Champions League winner RK Vardar, for the first time during the Media Call at the EHF Final 4, I was instantly impressed.  He’s a force… »

FINAL4 Reactions: Paris vs Vardar

Ivan Cupic: “I was sure to score” The game came down to the wire as Vardar had the ball with seven seconds to go. Like in the semis against Barcelona, the Macedonians took profit and Ivan Cupic scored… »

FINAL4 Reactions: Veszprem vs Barcelona

Gaspar Marguc: “We can be upset” Playing for third place only matters at national team tournaments, at least when you ask Veszprem’s Gasper Marguc about it. He had a tough time finding the right motivation for the game against Barcelona and appeared to be even more upset afterwards. Are you satisfied? GM: Of course we are happy that we finished the season with a victory, but we wanted to play the… »

Game Reactions – Barcelona vs Vardar

Ivan Cupic: “It’s all about Vardar” Ivan Cupic knows the feeling of winning the Champions League very well after conquering the crown last season with his former club of Vive Tauron Kielce. But for th… »

Game Reactions – Paris vs Veszprem

Here is what players had to say after a dramatic Day 1 of handball at the VELUX EHF Champions League FINAL4: Andreas Nilsson: “It just didn’t work out!” The loss against Paris was a tough pill to swal… »

“Play it like it’s the last time”

Daniel Narcisse is a frequent traveler, at least when it comes to checking in at the players hotel, at the FINAL4 in Cologne. He is a big fan of the event but knows, that he won’t come back that often again in the future.  He is enjoying his time there at the fullest. It’s your fifth time here at the FINAL 4 in Cologne. Does it feel any different than the first time around? DN: This event is getti… »

Only winning on his mind

Alex Dujshebaev is a superstar in the making but he attends the FINAL4 in Cologne for the very first time.  Here is what’s on his mind ahead of the 2017 Champions League season ending event. It’s your… »

“It’s almost like a festival”

Gasper Marguc doesn’t like to be reminded on last year’s collapse against Kielce, but instead prefers to look forward to what he calls a handball festival.  Surprisingly, he sees Veszprem in the role… »

The pride of Macedonia

Stole Stoilov has a lot of experience, but nonetheless he is a first-timer at the VELUX Champions League FINAl4.  Yet, he is not interested in assuming the role of underdog and is full of pride. What’s your first impression of the event here in Cologne? SS: It’s a very relaxed atmosphere, everybody is doing their job, everybody knows what they are doing.  All is good. Alex Dujshebaev said he is a… »