Sweden – full of energy

By Sascha Staat Nobody expected Sweden to go all the way to the final at the 2018 European championship, in Croatia, but they did so anyway.  As the next big tournament – the 2019 World Cup in Germany and Denmark – is just around the corner, there is no way that the Scandinavian handball powerhouse can escape the spotlight. I talked to Lukas Nilsson about the strengths of the team, the long shadow… »

“We thought we were closer to the best teams”

By Sascha Staat INTERVIEW – It’s been a rough start to the new EHF Champions League season for Thüringer HC. On Monday, the German club lost their fourth match in as many attempts, against defending c… »

“It’s a lot of fun to play in Veszprem”

By Sascha Staat INTERVIEW – For the past two seasons Jesper Nielsen was part of the star ensemble of Paris Saint-Germain. He reached the Final4 of the VELUX EHF Champions League twice, but ended up em… »

“The Champions League has been the biggest challenge for me”

By Sascha Staat INTERVIEW – Emily Bölk’s move from Buxtehude to Thüringen was one of the most anticipated transitions this summer, including her debut in the EHF Champions League. Having scored a total of seven goals in the first three matches, she has yet to reach  full potential, just like the rest of the team. Right now, Thüringer HC is bound to miss the main round. I spoke to the 20-year old a… »

“We are very determined”

By Sascha Staat INTERVIEW – Ever since Kim Naidzinavicius entered the spotlight after winning the junior World championship in 2008, she has continuously progressed and today she is a key player, in h… »

Kohlbacher wants to win it all

By Sascha Staat When Jannik Kohlbacher joined Rhein-Necker Löwen this past summer, nobody was in doubt that he would fit in well with the reigning German cup champion. But the line-player has exceeded… »

“I am just looking ahead”

By Sascha Staat INTERVIEW – He is considered one of the biggest talents on the goalkeeper position in all of Europe and prior to this season he transferred from Danish Holstebro to the German champion, SG Flensburg – meet Torbjorn Bergerud.  Following his new team’s 33:26  loss at the 2018 PIXUM Super Cup in Duesseldorf, he had this to say. Before we talk about yourself let’s speak a  bit about yo… »

“I play my own game”

By Sascha Staat INTERVIEW – Magnus Jøndal is already 30 years old, an experienced Norwegian national team player but this year he decided to try the DKB Handball-Bundesliga together with SG Flensburg-… »

A bit different

By Sascha Staat Sometimes you think you have seen it all – that it’s hardly possible that the underdog(s) will prevail again, that it will be boring. I let my 2018 VELUX EHF Champions League FINAL4 im… »

“The gap between the two leagues has never been so small”

By Sascha Staat It was the first time I spoke to Bruno Martini, the general manager of French handball giant, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). The former goalkeeping star now has his hands full in making sure PSG wins as many titles as possible, after failing to lift the Champions League trophy the last couple of years. Here is what Martini had to say about the upcoming EHF Champions League FINAL4 and t… »