Wild Card – can you pay me?

By Sascha Staat It’s been a wild ride for Norway’s male national handball team over the past few months.  In January they made it to the semi-final of the European championship for the first time ever, just to lose to Germany in dramatic fashion.  Kai Häfner scored seconds from the end, during overtime, to make sure the self-declared “Bad Boys” would advance to the final, while the Scandinavians w… »

The Triple Cup Club: A tribute to Viktor Szilagyi

Last year, Ivano Balic said “goodbye” to the world of handball, although the Croatian legend remained close to the court as he started to work for the federation of his home country.  The year before… »

“Premier Handball League is not an important topic for EHF”

Photo: EHF Sascha Staat’s Interview with EHF’s Michael Wiederer – Part 2 Q:  Let’s move on to the next topic: Have you been in contact with people that are behind the idea of the Premier Handball Leag… »

“We received outstanding feedback on the new Champions League format.”

Photo: EHF On the weekend of the men’s EHF Final 4 in Cologne, stregspiller.com’s Sascha Staat had the chance to sit down with EHF general secretary Michael Wiederer, who is set to become the federation’s next president in August, for an exclusive one-on-one talk.  Read in part one of the interview what the Austrian had to say about the new Champions League format and the alignment of league sched… »

A Pro-Sport needs Pro-People

By Sascha Staat In case you’re looking for an article full of praise and compliments, well, then you’re definitely wrong here.  However, if you like a deeper look at what’s currently going wrong in ha… »

“This one is for the ages”

By Sascha Staat “History will be made”, that’s a claim used most recently by the NBA, if I’m not totally mistaken.  To be honest history is made every summer when the various sports leagues around the… »