It’s a pity

This past Monday, when Filip Jicha turned to social media announcing his retirement it was a sad moment for the sport of handball.  One of the best of his generation and an “All-Time Great” decided to call it a career, although he would have liked to play on. But after three injury-plagued years, two of them at FC Barcelona, the Czech legend opted to end it all now rather than punishing his body a… »

“If you do this in the street, you end up in prison”

The first matches in the 2017/18 Champions League have been anything but a kind experience for German champion SG BBM Bietigheim.  But there’s more behind it than just two losses against formidable op… »

“We are looking forward – a lot”

While the 2017 World championship on home soil is getting closer and closer for German international Kim Naidzinavicius, there still are some interesting and equally important tasks ahead of her, in t… »

Time for change

If you follow this column maybe you may have read this earlier piece of mine, published in late 2016.  It’s an article about the era of Alfred Gislason the head coach of Germany’s handball powerhouse, THW Kiel. First, he guided SC Magdeburg to the promised land, making them the first German Champions League winner ever before winning the trophy with Kiel two more times. Now, after a string of loss… »

Eastern Exposure

PGE Vive Kielce – A family affair “He could be the best in the world!” That’s quite a statement made by Talant Dujshebaev. He said it when I asked him about the talents of his son Alex around Easter,… »

The German Contingent

Rhein-Neckar Löwen – It’s all about priorities When you are the two-time defending German champion people expect you to compete for the Champions League title, that’s for sure. But with Rhein-Neckar L… »

In the spotlight

The DKB Handball-Bundesliga season started this past weekend again and is sure to offer another year of exciting matches, stunning goals and countless, spectacular saves. Before things get into full swing let’s take a look at some of the players that will make the upcoming campaign even more interesting to watch. I opted for six players you should keep in mind between now and next June. Some of th… »

The Sky project

Every once in a while change can be quite helpful and lead to something better.  Prior to the 2017/18 campaign of the DKB Handball-Bundesliga, a number of modifications were agreed on, the most signif… »

“Finishing ninth or tenth can be a success”

Philipp Weber will be a star for years to come, at least according to the many experts in German handball.  He won the goal scoring title in 2017 while playing for the HSG Wetzlar, but has moved backe… »

“Last year was just amazing”

Not a lot of people thought that Rhein-Neckar Löwen would be able to defend their 2016 league title, but the team from Mannheim did so in impressive fashion. But after losing a key players like Uwe Gensheimer (2016), and Kim Ekdahl du Rietz (2017) future success may be more difficult to achieve. I talked to right-wing Patrick Groetzki about the challenges ahead. Looking back at last year, how do y… »