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Peter Bruun's Corner

Welcome to “Peter Bruun’s Corner”. Peter is a Danish freelance journalist since 1999 with 14 years of radio experience including live reports covering the sport of handball as well as football. He currently writes for UEFA, EHF, Press Association, and Handball Woche to name a few.  In this new section, Peter will share his thoughts and insights into the world of handball.
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Sascha Staat Unplugged

Welcome to “Sascha Staat Unplugged”. Sascha is a German freelance sports journalist. He started working for a local radio station when he was 19 years old and has hosted radio shows in both Germany and Italy, talking mainly about handball, football, baseball, and ice hockey. He’s specifically known for hosting “Kreis Ab”, a weekly German handball podcast, and has been awarded the Herbert-Zimmermann-Preis in 2015 for outstanding journalistic performances. Here, Sascha will focus on handball and share his thought-provoking articles.
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Kevin Domas' Cave

Kevin has been a freelance journalist and photographer for half a decade now.  His experience includes writing for French website "Handnews" as well as "Hand Action" the magazine and the EHF Media Team. In this section, Kevin will try to take a deeper look into the sport he fell in love with when he was a teenager.
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Chris O'Reilly

Freelance sports media journalist. Commentator for the EHF Champions League and co-host "". Irish international handball player.

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