“I felt this was our game to take”

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“I felt this was our game to take”

April 24, 2023

Magyar Kupa 2023

Gyor AUDI ETO KC vs FTC Railcargo 27:28 (14:13)


by J. Schuetz


Tatabanya – FTC Railcargo successfully defended the Hungarian Cup title against league rival Gyor AUDI ETO KC, turning an intense clash in their favor during the dying moments of the match.

Although, Gyor led throughout the game neither club was able to pull away. Five minutes before the end of regulation time, FTC enjoyed a one-goal advantage for the first time courtesy of line player, Dragana Cvijic (26:27).

On the other end of the court it was goalkeeper, Kinga Janurik who stepped up big including several clutch saves, when it mattered most. A performance reminiscent of her outstanding goalkeeping during the 2022 cup final.

And, with 30 seconds left on the clock, FTC’s right-back, Keti Klujber scored her eighth and decisive goal of the match, when she sent her 7-meter penalty shot past Gyor’s Danish goalkeeper, Sandra Toft.

After the match stregspiller.com spoke with Andrea Lekic and the two German internationals, Emily Boelk and Alicia Stolle (all FTC).

Andrea Lekic (center-back, FTC Railcargo)

“Today, we played a much better game against them compared to the one in Gyor a few weeks ago (during the regular season ed.).  Especially, in defense we performed much better.  In the second half we also found a better rhythm in our attack and I think in the end this made the difference.

“I am very proud of our team and this important victory before our upcoming Champions League game against Metz. Now, our self-confidence is at a good level.

“At the same time I am very happy for our fans – their support was outstanding today. And, for me it was the first trophy wearing the Ferencvaros jersey – I am very happy.

“I think I played a much better match in the second half and when we got close after trailing throughout the match, I was hoping for a key safe.  We got it and once we scored the equalizer I felt this was our game to take.”

Emily Boelk (left-back, FTC Railcargo)

On the final match against Gyor:

“In the first half we committed several errors, but we kept going. As a team we never gave up and kept fighting, especially in defense.  Kinga (Janurik, goalkeeper FTC ed.), once again, was phenomenal and delivered several clutch saves when needed them most.”

On the upcoming EHF Champions League quarterfinal against Metz HB:

“Now, we have to try and stay in the flow. Metz is a very well coached team – the coach pays attention to every tactical detail. We are expecting to meet an opponent who will be very well prepared for us.

“Right now, there seems to be a bit uncertainty about Bruna de Paula how or if she will be able to participate after her injury. She is an amazing player.  Against Metz we have to replicate our performance of today – keep our concentration, stay strong in defense and never give up.

On what made the difference in the final:

Alicia Stolle (right-back, FTC Railcargo)

“We were rewarded as we fought hard until the very end. When we tied the match late in the game, it turned into a do-or-die situation and we were able to go ahead by two goals.  I am extremely happy that we enjoyed the better end.”

On the possibility of a repeat encounter between Gyor and FTC on June 4th (the day of the EHF Champions League final):

“Aahhh – if I can sign up for it right here and now, I’ll do it immediately. Right now, we will enjoy the moment and celebrate a bit before turning our focus on the upcoming match against Metz.”



A. Leynaud, S. Toft, L. Blohm, Y. Broch (3), K. Dale, J. Despotovic, D. Faluvegi (2), C. Fodor (6), A. Gros (4/1), V. Gyori-Lukacs (1), A. Hansen, L. Haugsted (2), E. Nze Minko (6), S. Oftedal (2), E. Ryu (1), N. Schatzl.

FTC Railcargo

B. Biro, K. Janurik, E. Boelk (1), A. Cirjenics-Kovacsics (1), D. Cvijic (2), J. Harsfalvi (1), A. Kisfaludy (1), K. Klujber (8/1), A. Kukely, A. Lekic (2), A. Malestein (5/2), G. Marton, A. Stolle (2), S. Zacsik (5), Z. Tomri, Z. Szucsanszki



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