“I hope I can make an impact”

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“I hope I can make an impact”

May 11, 2023

by Sascha Staat


Tess Wester will be back on the court after becoming a mom for the first time. In the summer 2023 she will join Borussia Dortmund and follow in the footsteps of compatriot Yara ten Holte. In this exclusive interview with stregspiller.com she talks about the reasons and her expectations.

The first question is rather simple – why did you sign with Borussia Dortmund?

TW: Well, as you probably know I didn’t play this season for very good reasons as I became a mom, which made me very happy. Yet, I miss handball a lot and I can’t wait to be back. In the past, I already talked to Borussia Dortmund, but we couldn’t reach an agreement until now.

Now, I’m quite happy that it worked out. It’s close to home, that’s one reason, for sure and the club has a very good team with high ambitions. I think my personal goals and the objectives of the club align quite well. I’m looking forward to play in the black and yellow jersey.

Alina Grijseels and Yara ten Holte –  two key players – will leave the club after this season, but you said it will be a great team going forward anyway. What do you know about your new teammates?

TW: A lot, and I know coach Henk Groener from the national team. We also played against some of the current players with the national team. In addition, I know a great deal about the new players who will join the club, like Sarah Wachter or Alicia Stolle. I think much is happening in and around the club and I hope I can make an impact.

You mentioned that you and the club have ambitious goals. What are your expectations?

TW: A lot has happened recently. People are talking about the club.  For example, they talk about the game at Westfalenhalle in front of more than 11.000 fans, earlier in the year.

So, I hope we can make sure that people will talk even more about us and handball in the future and that even more fans will come and watch the games. Maybe games like the one at Westfalenhalle will happen more frequently – like four or five times during a season. I think that this kind of prospect can push players a lot.

How much time will you need to get back to the 100 percent level, both physically and mentally?

TW: I’m quite close physically. Of course, I have to play games again and get back to the level where I used to be. But, I’m sure that it will be no problem and work out quickly. Spending time with the national team, as I recently did, felt really good as well. I hope to be ready once we start the new season

And mentally?

TW: As I said, I missed handball a lot and I love being a mom and spend time with my child. But, at the same time, I enjoy to practice and compete.  Balancing the two activities shouldn’t be a problem. I like to be back, not just with the national team, but also with a club team. I can’t wait for it.



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