Ici c’est … Kiel

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Ici c’est … Kiel

October 27, 2023

EHF Champions League 2023/24 (Men) – GroupPhase

Paris Saint Germain vs THW Kiel 28:34  (14:13)


by J. Schuetz

Before the Match

After disappointing four losses in the Bundesliga, THW Kiel collected their first loss in the 2023/24 Machineseeker EHF Champions League campaign against Kolstad, just one week ago.

In the Champions League quarterfinals of the previous season, the German record champions were eliminated by Paris Saint-Germain after losing both matches.

Considering the fragile psyche in addition to the unusual string of poor performances, a win in the French capital would come as a real surprise.

The Result

A stubborn and resilient THW Kiel closed out the match in style, recording their first win in the French capital in the last nine years. Kiel goalkeeper, Samir Bellahcene, stepped up big in the last 15 minutes of the match and all but assured that his team would leave the pitch as winners.

1st Half

Paris Saint Germain controlled the affair throughout the half, but Kiel stayed close. Despite hanging tough it never felt like the German record champions would pull off a win. Seconds before the buzzer sounded, Polish international, Kamil Syprzak, made sure that his team would stay in the lead.

2nd Half

Ten minutes before the end, the spectators in the well attended Stade Pierre de Coubertin, witnessed how the match began to move away from the home team. Reinkind, Ekberg, Pekeler and Ellefsen stepped up in offense and on the other end of the court the aforementioned, Samir Bellahcene, stopped several shots from close range.

By minute 56, THW Kiel had opened a four-goal lead – too much too handle for the home team.

Player of the Match

Samir Bellahcene in goal of THW Kiel provided the support when it mattered and most of his saves came during crunch time. While a 29% save rate may not signal a stellar performance, the timing of it was superb.


Paris Saint Germain

L. Steins (2), K.R. Tonessen (2), S. Ntanzi (1), R. Balaguer (4), M. Grebille (5), K. Syprzak (8), M. Dominik (1), N. Karabatic (1), E. Prandi (4)

THW Kiel

H. Reinkind (7), M. Landin (1), T. Mrkva (1), P. Wiencek (1), N. Ekberg (4), E. Johansson (1), R. Dahmke (4), M. Bilyk (5), H. Pekeler(4), E. Ellefsen a Skipagotu (7)

Post-Game Reactions

Nikola Karabatic (PSG)

Jannick Green (PSG)

Rune Dahmke (THW Kiel) – Part 1

Rune Dahmke (THW Kiel) – Part 2

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