“It’s about time”

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“It’s about time”

January 25, 2018

By Sascha Staat

Spain took advantage of another lackluster performance of defending champion Germany,  to advance to the semifinals of the EHF EURO 2018, winning by a final score of 31-27.  The 2016 finalist went on an 8-0 run midway through the second half, when Germany turned over the ball several times.  Thereafter, Spain did not have any troubles and – almost – cruised to an easy victory. After the match I spoke with Spanish defensive specialist, Gedeon Guardiola, about the game, Germany’s poor showing and his expectations ahead of the clash with France.

Congratulations to making it to the semis – how come it worked out for you?

GG: Thank you! I think our defense was very good at playing six-against-seven. We had many steals and that was probably the secret for our success.

Are you shocked by the performance of the German team? They played an extremely poor match in the second half.

GG: No – I think they played a decent match. But I think maybe a player like Tim Kneule from Göppingen is missing on their roster. He can always win in one-on-one situations, in my opinion.  But Germany is still a great team.

Is it realistic for you to win the title?

GG: Our goal was to reach the semifinals and we achieved it. Now, we can dream about winning the title that Spain couldn’t win – so far.

First of all, you have to dream about beating France, your opponent in the semis.  You will be the underdog – maybe it’ll help you?

GG: Maybe, but now it’s the semis, it doesn’t matter who we play.  France is a very good team and we will be well prepared. France has a lot of good player, the team is in great physical shape, and they run, run, run. France is just France – we all know them.

But you have a lot of heart!

GG: Yes, we do. And games between them and us have always been very exciting. We hope that it’s our turn now. France has never lost a semi-final, but it’s about time.

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