It’s Here – FINAL4

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It’s Here – FINAL4

May 7, 2016

Ahead of today’s semi-final matches, Linnea Torstensson (CSM Bucuresti), Anja Althaus,and Andrea Penezi (both Vardar) sum up their expectations.


Q:        Linnea, is it “now” or “never” for you and CSM Bucuresti?

A:         Yes, it’s a bit like that. These are the best games of your career. I have been with teams that have played semi-finals before and I am looking forward to the match against Vardar Skopje. T

Q:        Compared to regular Champions League season games, the EHF FINAL4 is played at another level.  The matches are more physical and certainly more intense – how have you prepared, given that it’s your team’s first visit to the tournament?

A:         We are all fair players but personally, I am very much looking forward to a very physical match and I think we will all enjoy it.  I certainly will.


Q:        Once again, you are in a big game of your career.  It’s “do-or-die” for team Vardar in the match against CSM Bucuresti. What are your thoughts?

A:         The EHF FINAL4 is the mega handball event at the end of the season and I can’t wait to take to the court.  We expect a very hard game against Bucresti.  After two previous attempts that failed, we believe this year is our time.  It will be best for us to win it (the FINAL4) now!


Q:        It’s Vardar’s third appearance at the FINAL4.  Third time’s a charme?

A:         Yes, it’s our third time in the semi-final but this time it’s not against Buducnost. (smile).  There are no favorites; every team has an equal chance to win the competition.

Q:        Are all players of team Vardar fit?

A:         Yes – everybody is fine and in a positive spirit.  We all have only goal and we want it really bad – so I hope it will be us.

Q:        Who will be the other team that you expect to make it to the final?

A:         I really don’t care who we will have to play, as long as we get there.  Gyor, of course, has been playing very well recently and they have the support of the crowd.  So, it maybe a bit easier for them to reach the final.

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