Laurisa Landre

Can Krumbholz’s magic work again?

Yes – it can.  After winning the Olympic silver in August, France are also among the top contenders, when the European championship starts in Sweden this coming weekend. By Peter Bruun France surprised by winning the silver medal at the Rio Olympics three months ago.  At the European championship in Sweden, no one should be astounded by another top result from “Les Bleus”. With the old magician, O… »

Carmen Martin + Eli Pinedo

Spain – a dark horse as always

Spain may not be able to repeat their achievement of the 2014 European championship, when they won the silver medal, but the team is definitely a contender once again. By Peter Bruun Spain surprised m… »

Can Bregar transfer Krim’s success to the national team?

Uros Bregar has performed wonders with Krim Ljubljana in the 2016/17 Champions League so far, but he will have trouble copying the success with Slovenia’s national team at EURO’16 in Sweden. By Peter… »

Biljana Bandelier

Even without Lekic, Serbia can be dangerous

Even without Serbia´s best female handball player, Andrea Lekic, the team may threaten quite a few opponents in Sweden this December. By Peter Bruun In recent years, Serbia have only accomplished impressive performances on home ground.  It all began in 2012 when they were hosting the European championship after the Netherlands had given up on the event. Serbia reached the semi-final and only lost… »

Mette Gravholt

The moment of truth for Signell and Sweden

Henrik Signell had no success with Savehof in the Champions League this season. In December, he will face the expectations of Sweden’s fans in his role as national coach at the European championship o… »

Dagur Sigurdsson

Dagur San

Now it’s official, one of the most interesting and most successful figures in handball – Dagur Sigurdsson – will leave the German national team after the upcoming World championship in France.  He use… »

Early season shiners

Although there’s still one game missing in the first stage of the Champions League campaign 2016/17 the national team break allows us to have a closer look at who has made the most out of his playing time so far.  Regarding the teams I think it’s fair to say that Barcelona has impressed the most, although the Catalans still have to play Paris Saint-Germain twice.  Nonetheless, I rank the Spaniards… »

We The North

By Sascha Staat Yes, you might have heard this claim before. Toronto, one of Canada’s most attractive cities, is using this slogan to promote itself. It’s a little bit less cold in the North of German… »

“Players go over the limit, too often”

Ljubomir Vranjes is always great to talk to.  No matter the topic, his replies come anything but short.  He loves to discuss, to argue, and to express his love for the sport.  When I told him that I w… »

The next big thing

It’s been quite a while ago that I heard about Tim Suton for the first time.  He was still playing for a club nearby, well, nearby of Solingen, which is located right between Düsseldorf and Cologne.  At the time, Bayer Dormagen was hoping, he would lead them back to the first league one day, but his father, Goran, born in Mosta, joined second-league club HG Saarlouis as a coach in 2012 and so did… »