Kielce wins Champions League after crazy comeback and penalty shootout

MATCH REVIEW – Having accomplished the most stunning of all FINAL4 comebacks, Kielce lifted the Champions League trophy after penalty shootout. KS Vive Tauron Kielce vs MVM Veszprém 39:38 after extra time and penalty shootout. Regualr match 29:29 (13:17), 35:35 (32:33) after extra time By Peter Bruun Before the Match The final was historic in more than one way.  It was the first time ever, that th… »

This time Paris did not throw it all away!

MATCH REVIEW – Five goals up, then two goals down.  Still, Paris Saint-Germain managed to secure the Champions League bronze medal through a narrow win against Kiel. Paris Saint-Germain Handball vs TH… »

Veszprém reach Champions League final after hard work

MATCH REVIEW – Kiel were reaching out for the Champions League final, but Veszprém grabbed the ticket after extra time. THW Kiel vs MVM Veszprém 28:31 after extra time, regular match 25:25 (15:12) By… »

FINAL4 2016 opens with a sensation!

MATCH REVIEW – Kielce set the scene in the Lanxess Arena of Cologne with a sensational semi-final win against Paris! KS Vive Tauron Kielce vs Paris Saint-Germain Handball 28:26 (16:16) By Peter Bruun Before the Match “Our team is better than Kielce!”, Paris defender Henrik Møllgaard told on Friday. “Well, good for him!” Kielce line player Julen Aguinagalde responded. Then the fron… »

A Pro-Sport needs Pro-People

By Sascha Staat In case you’re looking for an article full of praise and compliments, well, then you’re definitely wrong here.  However, if you like a deeper look at what’s currently going wrong in ha… »

Julen Aguinagalde

All four teams can win, claims Julen Aguinagalde

INTERVIEW – Kielce´s Spanish international Julen Aguinagalde finds it impossible to point out a favorite among the FINAL4 teams this year. By Peter Bruun As thorough readers of this website will know,… »

Landin defies heel injury to play his first FINAL4

INTERVIEW – It takes more than an injured heel to stop Niklas Landin from playing the FINAL4 for the first time in his career – an event he really does not know what to expect from. By Peter Bruun When you have finally made it to the first FINAL4 of your career, it takes more than an injured heel to keep you out of the competition – at least if you are Niklas Landin. For quite some time, the 27-ye… »

Gislason admits using Bundesliga games as FINAL4 preparation

INTERVIEW – When Kiel could no longer become German champion; coach Gislason used the remaining Bundesliga matches to experiment ahead of the FINAL4. By Peter Bruun It is the first time in the history… »

This should be Veszprém´s year, finds Andreas Nilsson

INTERVIEW – MVM Veszprém´s Swedish line player believes that his team will finally lift the Champions League trophy this year. By Peter Bruun The previous two years, MVM Veszprém have made it to the F… »

Our team is better than Kielce, says Møllgaard

INTERVIEW – Danish international Henrik Møllgaard will be deeply disappointed, if he and his Paris teammates do not reach the Champions League final at the very least. By Peter Bruun Henrik Møllgaard is just about to finish his first season with Paris Saint-Germain-Handball after joining from Danish Skjern Handbold – first on a loan deal, which was soon changed into a transfer, though. This also m… »