Trefilov 2.0

Russia´s strong performance at the 2015 World Championship is partly due to a remarkable transformation of coach – Evgeniy Trefilov By Peter Bruun In recent years, the results of Russia´s female national handball team have been far off the level of the squad´s golden age, in the first decade of this millennium, when Russia earned four World Championship titles – from 2001 to 2009.  Finishing sixth… »

Katarina Bulatovic

Bulatovic’s Norwegian Memories

By Peter Bruun FEATURE – Katarina Bulatovic has developed a tradition for playing well against Norway.  Wednesday evening, she and her Montenegrin teammates are up against the Scandinavian handball po… »

Kim Rasmussen

Final 8

The participants in the quarter-final matches at World Cup 2015 in Denmark have all been determined.  Poland, Montenegro, France and Russia have joined the round of “final-eigth”. By Peter Bruun Polan… »

Team Denmark


World Cup’15 has reached its “Do-or-Die” stage.  Denmark, Norway, Romania and the Netherlands took the first hurdle of elimination games successfully. The Host Denmark vs Sweden 26:19 (15:7) The Result It was a good outcome – for team Denmark, the organizers of the tournament, (most) spectators and TV ratings. 26:19 (15:7) was the final score between the host and the opponent from Sweden after 60… »

Anne Mette Hansen

Ahead of the 1/8 Final – The Short View

So far the home team has delivered at the low end of expectations at the 2015 World Cup.  Coach Jorgensen’s defensive measures have not had the positive impact that he and all supporters of Danish han… »

Camilla Herrem + Stine Oftedal

D-Day Coming Up

Match of the Day – Group D Romania vs Norway 22:26 (10:13) Before the Match Both teams had clinched the eighth-finals prior to this game, so only placement and a boost to self-confidence was at stake.… »


3 out of 3

The Host Denmark vs. Serbia 29:20 (13:12) Before the Match Game three of this year’s World Cup would present Denmark with the strongest challenge yet – Serbia, the vice-World Champion of 2013. Many thought that the Balkan team would be one of the three push-over squads in Group A after the departure of playmaker Andrea Lekic and three more star players (Cvijic, Damnjanovic, Tomasevic) that formed… »

The Russian (Handball) Bear Roars Again

A rest day in Herning allowed for some spare time heading north to Frederikshavn where Russia met Spain in the “Match of the Day”.  But first things first. Kazakhstan vs Romania 20:36 (12:18) Romania… »

Opening Day at World Cup 2015

Unpleasant, nasty, dreadful and disgusting were the terms that came to mind if you had to spend the day outside Jyske Bank Boxen, on opening day of the women World Championship 2015, in Herning. Pouri… »

Team France - Winner of Golden League Tournament (Besancon)

Heart of Handball – Part II

Part II of Heart of Handball focuses on “Challengers”, “Dark Horses”, the teams that have “Nothing to Lose” and “The Rest of the Handball World”.  Who will surprise on the upside? The Challengers Russia, France and Montenegro are the next best teams that will give any opponent “a run for their money.” All who had second thoughts – the squad of coach Evegeniy Trefilov is back in contention for the… »