Vestergaard remains confident

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Germany´s Danish coach claims that his team has landed in the most diffficult group at the 2015 World Championship, but he still believes in a ticket for the knock-out phase. By Peter Bruun “We have landed in the toughest of all possible groups!” Some of the other coaches at the World Championship (starting in Denmark next weekend) may disagree with …

Thomas Sivertsson

“Sweden fears no opponent anymore!”

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Confidence and the feeling of playing at home characterize the Swedish team ahead of the World Cup 2015 in Denmark, reveals national coach Thomas Sivertsson in this exclusive interview with stregspiller.com. By Peter Bruun “We do not need to fear any opponent anymore!” These words come from Thomas Sivertsson, coach of Sweden´s women´s handball team and the statement illustrates quite well …

Anita Goerbicz

She Is Back!

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By Peter Bruun Match of the Week – Champions League (W) Round 5 Group C – Gyor Audi ETO KC vs HC Vardar 28:27 (14:17)    Before the Match Both teams were under meaningful pressure to secure valuable points for the tournament’s Main Round after they both suffered defeats at home earlier in the competition.  Vardar was also seeking to revenge …

Can Money Buy Success?

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Yes it can!  If you spend it right!   By Peter Bruun “Money can´t buy me love” sang The Beatles in 1964.  Twenty-five years earlier, in the immortal film “Gone With The Wind”, Rhett Butler said “…but it can buy you a very fine copy!”  Probably, both statements are still correct, but in sport, a copy will not do.  So …

Marta Zderic

Simply The Best

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Match of the Week – Champions League (W)  Round 4 Group D – Buducnost Podgorica – CSM Bucuresti 23:23 (12:13) Before the Match It was loud but not sold out at Moraca Hall when Buducnost’s players entered the court to the tune of Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best”.  3,500 spectators had gathered in anticipation of an encore performance of the …

Indira Kastratovic

We Must Be In Focus All The Time…

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…said Jan Pytlick during a time-out in the second half of the match between FC Midtjylland and his club, ZRK Vardar.  A statement no entirely free of irony given the fact that his team was leading by six goals while the squad from his Danish home country had just scored their third point, deep into the second period.  Helle Thomsen’s …

Anja Althaus


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Trick-or-Treating is a Halloween custom in many countries on October 31 of each year.  Children in costumes travel from house to house asking for treats such as candy with the phrase “Trick-or-Treat”.  The “trick” is the usually (idle) threat to perform mischief on the homeowner if no treat is given.  This past Halloween weekend saw plenty of “tricking” and much …