Au Revoir a Paris

MATCH REVIEW – It took France nearly 30m minutes to fight down Serbia, but once “Les Bleues” got the upper hand, they were unstoppable and Serbia without a chance, in the last main round match, in Nantes. By Peter Bruun Main Round Group I Serbia vs France 28:38 (14:18) Before the Match  *Serbia still harbored some hope to reach the match for fifth place, possibly providing access to the Olympic qu… »

Russia with historic loss against Sweden

MATCH REVIEW – With no less than 17 goals on 18 attempts, Nathalie Hagman played an outstanding role in Sweden´s victory over Russia – a win with a historic dimension. By Peter Bruun Main Round Group… »

Montenegro keep semifinal hopes alive

MATCH REVIEW – In a dramatic finish, Montenegro kept their chance of a semifinal appearance alive, while Serbia wasted their last opportunity of reaching the “final four”, as one goal separated the tw… »

Russia to the semifinals

MATCH REVIEW – Following an impressive performance against a weak Danish team, Russia booked the semifinal ticket at a European championship for the first time, in ten years. They are the first team to qualify for the semis ay EURO 2018, while Denmark lost their last theoretical chance to reach the final round in Paris, at the end of this week. By Peter Bruun Main Round Group I Denmark vs Russia 2… »

40 minutes enough for Russia

MATCH REVIEW – Russia was the far better team and 40 minutes were enough for the women of coach, Evgenij Trefilov, to earn a clear win against a Serbian team that were no match for the 2016 Olympic go… »

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

MATCH REVIEW – France did not hit a high note in their second to last main round match, as they were close to losing this important encounter against Sweden. In the end, they managed a lucky draw – an… »

“We all work for each other and that’s the way we succeed”

INTERVIEW – Having their second main round game at the 2018 European championship, against Sweden, postponed from Saturday to Sunday does not bother the French women at all, not when asking backcourt player, Estelle Nze Minko. “We are professionals and can deal with such a situation,” she says in this exclusive interview with By Peter Bruun  In the early afternoon hours on Saturd… »

“Responsibility is fine with me”

INTERVIEW – With Tamara Horacek injured, the responsibilities of organizing the offense of “Les Femmes de Defis” at the 2018 EHF European championship rest squarely on the shoulders of Grace Zaadi. Ho… »

“The delay is annoying”

INTERVIEW – As the rest of the Serbian team, line player Sladjana Pop-Lazic, is frustrated that the games scheduled for Saturday at the 2018 European championship, are now postponed until Sunday due t… »

Montenegro keep semi-final hopes alive

MATCH REVIEW – Even though the final result only showed a two-goal difference, Montenegro were the by far better team in the late match, in Group II, in Nantes on Thursday night. By Peter Bruun Main Round Group I Sweden vs Montenegro 28:30 (14:18) Before the Match  *Sweden carried two points to the main round, while Montenegro had nothing to show. *While Sweden’s 22:21 win versus Serbia, in Group… »