“We are determined to make this one count”

INTERVIEW – Germany’s Dinah Eckerle has not been content with her performance in goal, so far at EURO 2018. However, she sees improvements and she hopes to take another step forward in the deciding game against the Czech Republic, on Wednesday evening, helping her team to reach the main round. By Peter Bruun The European championship has been a bit of a roller-coaster ride for the German national… »

Romania cruise into main round

MATCH REVIEW – The difference between the two teams was bigger than the scoreboard indicated at the end of the match. Romania were the far better squad and led by as much as nine goals along the way.… »

Norway back in the driver’s seat

MATCH REVIEW – Norway were back in the driver’s seat, but the opposition was modest, as the Scandinavian’s swept the Czech Republic – especially in the first half By Peter Bruun Group D Czech Republic… »

“We’ll draw up a plan and will be ready”

By J. Schutz INTERVIEW – On Sunday, the German national handball team followed the invitation of the major of Brest, attending a ceremonial event at city hall. DHB President, Andreas Michelmann, head coach, Henk Groener as well as Emily Boelk and Maren Weigel were all present.  stregspiller.com caught up with the two players before Game 2 against Romania, at the EHF European championship, in Franc… »

”We still feel no pressure”

INTERVIEW – Germany took the world of handball by surprise, when they defeated Norway in their opening match at the 2018 EHF European championship. Even though such achievements create expectations, l… »

“I keep my feet on the ground”

INTERVIEW – At the age of 19, Henny Reistad is currently recognized as one of the greatest playmaker talents, not only in Norway. However, the young Norwegian refuses to the let the success and fame g… »

”I don´t read Norwegian media”

INTERVIEW – Norway´s head coach does not feel any pressure following his team’s defeat against Germany at the 2018 European championship, nor does he feel the heat of the country’s media. He simply does not consume local media products, as he shares with stregspiller.com. By Peter Bruun  “I don´t read Norwegian media.” That’s the plain and simple answer from Thorir Hergeirsson, when asked if the s… »

Romania fight off Czech comeback

MATCH REVIEW – Romania were already leading by nine goals, before the Czech Republic launched a late comeback, stopping short of a tie. By Peter Bruun Group D Romania vs Czech Republic 31:28 (17:11) B… »

Germany with magnificent win

MATCH REVIEW – It may have come as a surprise, when Russia defeated the French host 26:23 in the opening match, but Germany´s 33:32 against mighty Norway belongs in a category of its own. By Peter Bru… »

Quel Malheur!

#handballissime – Day 1 Before the Match Opening Day at EURO 2018 – France vs Russia – the World champion against the Olympic gold medal winner.  In women’s handball it doesn’t get much better than that.  And it didn’t.  Certainly not for the vast majority of the 5.220 in attendance supporting France at the Palais des Sports Jean Weille, in Nancy, as they witnessed the host losing 26:23. Head coac… »