It’ll be hot, but will it sizzle?

Opinion Finally, it’s Thursday, November 29th and EHF EURO XIII is about to begin in Nancy between the reigning World Champion – France – and the 2016 Olympic gold medal winner from Russia. It’ll be just one of many games where spectators can expect a heated fight between two exceptionally talented teams. And, if the fantastic turnout at the men’s 2017 World Cup, in France, is any indication EURO… »

 We’ve proven that we are able to succeed, not only once but repeatedly”

By Kevin Domas INTERVIEW – Eleven years ago, Allison Pineau took part in her first international competition for France, at the tender age of 18. It was a big one; a major event for French women handb… »

“We’ll try to play well, but playing well doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll win”

By Kevin Domas INTERVIEW – These past few days, Olivier Krumbholz is a concerned coach.  Although, his team won two of its three Golden League games, last weekend, he still sees a lot of room for impr… »

“When players get tired they make the move and take the shot they know best”

By Kevin Domas INTERVIEW – One major reason why France won the World Cup in 2017 was their solid defense work. Slovenia aside, it crushed every other attack, including Norway’s in the final match. Such formidable power in front of the goalkeeper explains why the hosts are among the favorites at EURO 2018. If anyone it’s Béatrice Edwige who personifies, France’s defense skills. The Metz player is o… »

“We need to pick up where we left off a year ago”

INTERVIEW – Last year, Serbia made it to the Round of Last 16 at the Women´s World Championship, in Germany. The team´s brightest star, Andrea Lekic, hopes to improve and top the 2017 achievement at E… »

“I stay in my bubble”

By Kevin Domas INTERVIEW – For the first time since  EHF EURO 2016, Blandine Dancette won’t be a part of the national handball team of France. The 2017 World Champion and 2016 Olympic gold medallist h… »

“We need to show our strength in championships as well”

INTERVIEW – Poland have impressed, achieving some fine results in recent test matches. National coach, Leszek Krowicki, hopes to continue on this path at the upcoming European championship. By Peter Bruun At the Golden League in Denmark earlier this fall, Poland showed up considerably improved. Following a loss against Norway in the opening match, Poland’s women managed to defeat the Danish host a… »

+++ Telegram Champions League (M) +++

Men´s Champions League – Round 9 By Peter Bruun Top Barca Lassa It may appear a bit tedious to mention Barca in this section again and again, but the Catalonian team simply plays fantastic handball, r… »

“Playing in the Champions League has made me stronger”

INTERVIEW – Dutch right wing, Debbie Bont, is fit and ready for the upcoming European championship and much of the credit goes to her current club, Kobenhavn, where she has been playing a fine Champio… »

Barca keeps going and going …

Men´s Champions League – Round 9 MATCH OF THE WEEK   REVIEW – Barca Lassa affirm current form, when they defeated Kielce, in Poland. 42 goals were the most number of goals ever, Kielce conceded in a Champions League match. By Peter Bruun PGE Vive Kielce vs Barca Lassa 36:42 (15:18) Before the Match *Kielce were missing playmaker Luka Cindric and left back Michal Jurecki due to inj… »