“Midtjylland always cause us trouble”

INTERVIEW – Vardar Skopje’s goalkeeper, Amandine Leynaud, does not feel sure about reaching the FINAL4 at all, despite her team´s one-goal lead before the second leg game, at home, against FC Midtjylland in the quarterfinals of the 2017/18 Champions League. In this exclusive interview with stregspiller.com, she reveals that she was close to going back to France for the 2018/19 season before decidi… »

“Starligue” for a reason

By Kevin Domas For the first time ever, France has qualified three teams for the EHF Champions League quarter-finals, and if you like, add the two clubs that will compete for the EHF Cup Final.  Only… »

“Upsets by the underdogs make handball more attractive”

By Sascha Staat Dominik Klein surely is one of Germany’s most popular players. The former left-wing of THW Kiel just recently announced his retirement, while enjoying the last months of a very success… »

Utmost respect for Montpellier

By Sascha Staat Holger Glandorf is not only one of the most regarded players in all of handball, but also one of the best and most successful ones. Recently he broke the record set by legendary Korean right-back, Kyung-Shin Yoon, for most field goals scored in the history of Germany’s Bundesliga. I talked to the outstanding right-back about his accomplishment, the transition from Ljubomir Vranjes… »

Pay Cut = Motivation

COLUMN – Management of Telekom Vezprém HC has certainly introduced new methods of motivating players and coaches after a potentially disastrous 32:25 defeat in Skjern, in the Champions League Round of… »

Stress Test

By Kevin Domas Funny how just a couple of weeks ago, French handball fans and officials alike were mocking Germany’s handball Bundesliga. “Too many teams”, “Too many games”, “Not enough rest in the su… »

Servaas expects Bundesliga to be downsized

By Sascha Staat Kielce’s boss, Bertus Servaas, is a man not shy of raising his voice and he did so after his team’s Champions League victory against Rhein-Neckar Löwen’s B-team last weekend. Here is what the outspoken Dutch businessman had to say when I talked to him about the match and necessary consequences. First of all congratulations to the lopsided win, even though it was no contest at all.… »

“The bus ride back home will be a long one”

By Kevin Domas “The bus ride back home will be  a long one.” In one sentence, FC Barcelona’s Cédric Sorhaindo summed up the team’s feeling after losing their Champions League game in Montpellier by th… »

No winners – only losers

By Sascha Staat After the Champions League match of PGE Vive Kielce against Rhein-Neckar Löwen (RNL) on Saturday, when I talked to legendary goalkeeper Slawomir Szmal he told me the following: “We wer… »

Tor Odvar Moen’s new challenge

INTERVIEW – After 20 years as “Mr. Larvik”, Tor Odvar Moen is leaving the Norwegian top club to take over Siófok KC in Hungary. Although it will be his first foreign adventure, he does not see it as a particularly big transition– and before leaving, he would like to win the Norwegian league one last time with Larvik. By Peter Bruun  It came a bit of a shock to many people in Norway and the interna… »