Paris – Finally

Champions League (M) – Round 7 In the seventh round of the Men´s Champions League group phase, Paris Saint-Germain demonstrated what they are really capable of – finally. The round also showcased an impressive and heroic effort from Rein-Neckar Löwen, and it provided at least one juicy surprise. By Peter Bruun The top match in Group B between Paris and Veszprém became one of the best games this Ch… »

Only two tickets left

Champions League (W) – Round 5 Most pieces of the main round puzzle fell into place, and only two tickets are at stake this coming weekend. This does not mean that the rest of the matches are without… »

“I play where I make a difference”

INTERVIEW – Anita Görbicz finds that her new role as left wing – after many years as playmaker – has made her more valuable to Györ. In this exclusive interview with, she also talks a… »

Academy Awards

By Sascha Staat When the German handball national team, the so-called “Ladies” of Michael Biegler, played two friendly matches against the Netherlands, in late October, they faced a side of youngsters, as the games were not part of the international calendar.  The main purpose was to celebrate 100 years of handball in Germany, but secondly it was a welcome  preparation for the upcoming World champ… »

Henk Groener + “Die Ladies”

OPINION – Michael Biegler has done well – some would say surprisingly well – during his short spell at the helm of Germany’s women national handball team.  The arrival of Henk Groener after the World… »

Revenge for Györ – 1st defeat for Metz

Champions League (W) – Round 4 Györ got their revenge against Rostov-Don and clinched main round berth, but they had to work hard for it. Metz suffered their first defeat while Vardar’s record remains… »

Great week for German and French teams

Champions League (M) – Round 6 German and French teams cleared the table in the sixth round of the Men´s Champions League, while Poland´s two representatives suffered further defeats and both are in trouble with regards to their prospects in the tournament. By Peter Bruun Match day number six in the 2017/18 Champions League was a good one for German and French handball clubs.  All three German tea… »

“I hope this will be my year”

INTERVIEW –  Laura Van der Heijden hopes that this will be the season, where she and her new club, FTC, will reach the Champions League FINAL4, and win a gold medal with the Dutch national team at the… »

It’s the human quality

FEATURE – On the international stage, Danish coaches are more sought-after in women´s handball than ever before.  Experts see the human aspect and the ability to create a feeling of security as two of… »

“I don’t care about my age”

By Kevin Domas He might have just turned 20, but Dika Mem is one of the most talked about players in Europe, after a stunning start into the 2017/18 season with FC Barcelona.  Less than one year after the first call from Didier Dinart – France’s national coach – the right back joins “Les Experts” once again to play the Golden League tournament in Denmark, this weekend.  A good time to reflect on h… »