2017 Power Ranking – Right Wings

From the left side we move over to the other wing, where it’s possible to choose from a long list of excellent players. That’s why my picks are probably very debatable, to say the least. I had to subtract various stars. First, let’s see who made the cut before we get to the ones who didn’t. # 5:          Patrick Groetzki (Rhein-Neckar Löwen and Germany) is a very underrated player, at least in my… »

2017 Power Ranking – Left Wings

I continue my list of power rankings today with a look at the best left wings in the world.  Although some tend to think that it’s not the most important position, I completely disagree.  Yes, it migh… »

2017 Power Ranking – Line Player

These days it seems like there are only key positions in handball, but a line-player plays a critical role in any team, without any doubt. If a club is lucky enough to have a great pivot on the roster… »

“A German team in the women´s FINAL4 is not unrealistic”

Photo: HBF INTERVIEW – The world of handball should not be too surprised seeing a German team in the FINAL4 of the Women´s Champions League in the foreseeable future.  At least not according to Martin Albertsen, Danish head coach of German champions SG BBM Bietigheim.  He would not exclude his own team to go that far, in a few years. By Peter Bruun A German team in the FINAL4? That would have to b… »

“I feel no need to be number one”

FEATURE – Torbjørn Bergerud and Norway’s national team coach, Christian Berge, find the move of the 23-year-old goalkeeper to Flensburg in 2018 to be a perfect next step in Bergerud´s career. Surprisi… »

Legends never die

The year of 2017 is not shaping up as a good one when it comes to famous people passing.  Not long ago former German chancellor Helmut Kohl died, as did Raymond Kopa, the “Napoléon of football”.  Beca… »

Getting used to it

The week before last when the news broke that Germany’s HC Leipzig’s would file for bankruptcy, I was thinking, well, here we go again.  It’s not the first time a former German champion ran out of money, but it’s for sure the most spectacular case.  Just to name another few examples – HC Frankfurt/Oder, league winner in 2004, and 1. FC Nürnberg, domestic champion as recent as in 2005, 2007 and 200… »

Heading in the right direction

Although we are in the middle of summer there’s plenty to talk about in handball.  Some teams have already finished their vacation and are preparing for the new season, especially in Germany, where th… »

Barcelona movements

Earlier last month during the EHF Champions League FINAL4, in Cologne, mighty FC Barcelona found out – once again – more quality is needed to secure another triumph on Europe’s main handball stage. Al… »

IHF 2017 World Championship – The Draw

Reactions after yesterday’s draw in Hamburg, as the most important handball event of the second half of 2017 takes shape. Tess Wester – goalkeeper, The Netherlands “It’s always great to play a World championship, because you usually play against really different opponents, like Cameroon this time.  It’s also a lot of fun to play against Germany, as they host the event. “Sure, it’s a pity that we d… »