ZRK Vardar

“No more third places, please”

INTERVIEW – After three consecutive third places at the Champions League FINAL4, Andrea Lekic wants more and something better for her club Vardar at the end of this season, she tells stregspiller.com in this exclusive interview.  She also reveals that she would be happy to play for Serbia again if only given the chance. By Peter Bruun Three times has the Women´s Champions League been decided in a… »

No more holidays in January

The German national handball team had taken a “short break” from international tournaments, starting with the 2012 London Olympics, then missing out on EURO 2014 two years later in Denmark and they di… »

Qatar 2015 – suddenly so long ago

It wasn’t the first World championship I attended, but the first one I covered as a journalist.  The tournament in Qatar was played just two years ago, but suddenly it seems that a lot more time has p… »

Croatia, chaotic and crazy

Do you remember when Ivano Balic totally dominated the world of handball?  When no-look passes to his teammates, made Croatian fans go crazy because of his incredible skills.  When Balic was named MVP in five consecutive tournaments.  He was just that good.  He made the players around him better, just ask Steffen Fäth, he took a massive step forward in his development as a player when the two of t… »

Aron Palmarsson

Stopping the decline

When you talk about big handball nations, Iceland used to be one of the first countries on the list, at least about five to ten years ago.  After stunning everyone at the 2008 Bejing Olympics winning… »

Sexy – but just from one side

No, this won’t become some sort of slippery article, drifting towards exotic themes.  Although it would be a quite interesting journalistic tool covering a major sports tournament, but it’s not what I… »

A long, long time ago

Do you remember when Russia used to be a handball super power?  Do you recall the countless battles with Sweden in the 1990’s?  Do you recollect when Vladimir Maximov’s side seemed unbeatable for almost everyone except the “Bengan Boys”?  Well, these times seem to be so long ago. In 2000 Russia, won the last big tournament, finishing on top of the podium at the Sydney Olympics. Being one of the ke… »

Sweden – better than we think?

After an Olympic failure and the departure of several key players, Sweden is not given much of a chance at the World Championship in France.  However, new shooting stars may prove the critics wrong. B… »

One last, big party

All is set up for a last hooray, a big party in Paris on January 29th.  Today, host France will open the 25th World championship against Brazil in the ArcorHotels Arena, while the whole nation hopes t… »

No time for transition

When France, Germany and the eventual winner, Denmark, were fighting for Olympic Gold back in August, one major handball power was missing out on the party, Spain.  The 2013 World champion and runner-cup at the EHF Euro 2016 didn’t qualify for the Rio games and wasn’t too happy about it.  But it could turn into Spain’s advantage at the World Cup in France, as they come into the tournament on rathe… »