Before the Match The official slogan of EURO 2016 is all about “passion and skills” and the last one of the preliminary matches, in Group A, between the Swedish host and the surprise team from Serbia, certainly lived up to it. Following Sweden’s unexpected loss against Slovenia, and Serbia’s equally astonishing win over Spain, two days earlier, the game’s status was elevated to a “mini-final” for… »

Time To Let Go

By Sascha Staat As another comeback of Austrian handball legend, Viktor Szilagyi has just been announced, I want to take a look at players who are about to retire at the end of this season or next.  O… »

EHF EURO 2016 Sweden

A Night To Remember

It was a “must-win” game for Spain en route to the main round of EURO 2016 in Gothenburg. Yet, it wasn’t meant to be – not on this night at Hovet arena in Sweden’s capital.  The young crew from Serbia… »

Medial Call

Sky is the limit

No, I didn’t forget the article in front of “Sky”, because Sky is the limit, when it comes to sports television in Germany.  Just recently the DKB Handball-Bundesliga sold its broadcasting rights to the biggest pay-tv station in the country.  The deal is quite special, because Sky and the two public TV-broadcasters – ARD and ZDF – will work together on a long-term basis for the first time ever.  I… »

There’s more than just handball

We all love to watch handball, don’t we?  It’s fun watching it even at a lower level.  Well, sometimes.  But then again there’s so much more than just handball, “real life” for example.  Just ask Kim… »

Opening Day

Finally – EURO 2016 in Sweden went underway with the match between Serbia and Slovenia (36:34) serving as the appetizer, followed by the main course – in front of 7,900 enthusiastic spectators at Stoc… »

“We needed to go in a different direction”

Frank Bohmann is the CEO of the so-called best league in the world, the DKB Handball-Bundesliga.  When details of the new TV deal where announced late last week, a lot of people in Germany’s handball community scratched their head.  Sky and ARD struck and agreement with the League and among some other changes, games will be played at 12:30 on Sundays, a radical shift compared to the current system… »

Will Russia make it – finally?

Russia have been World champions four times, and this summer, they have also won an Olympic gold medal, but they have never managed to become European champions – so far. Now, they make another run fo… »

Can Martin copy Gyor’s success with Romania?

Ambros Martín has increased his workload, coaching the Romanian national team next to his job in Gyor. The big question is if the charismatic Spaniard can also transfer his success from the club level… »

Turbulences won’t stop Norway

Nora Mørk is quite unhappy that her twin sister has not been nominated, and in Norway’s media, head coach Thorir Hergeirsson is being criticized for a number of other players that he invited to the team – a situation not unlike last year’s ahead of the 2015 World Championship, which Norway won after all. Most likely Norway will be experienced enough to forget all the turmoil and focus on winning a… »