Headbands, socks and new faces

In Group C, in Malmö, teams actually got time to play some handball as well despite having to deal with strange rules and questionable dress codes – and we also got used to new faces and some surprising results. By Peter Bruun Debates about ridiculous rules like the headband of Danish winger Maria Fisker and the color of  players´ socks dominated the agenda in Malmö, while the four teams in Group… »

Clara Woltering

The Biegler Effect

The Women’s EHF Euro 2016 started with a bang, when Germany defeated the reigning runner-up of the last World championship and Olympic semi-finalist, the Netherlands, 30-27.  It was followed by a loss… »


Before the Match The official slogan of EURO 2016 is all about “passion and skills” and the last one of the preliminary matches, in Group A, between the Swedish host and the surprise team from Serbia,… »

Time To Let Go

By Sascha Staat As another comeback of Austrian handball legend, Viktor Szilagyi has just been announced, I want to take a look at players who are about to retire at the end of this season or next.  Or shall I say, “should retire”?  Sure, if you’re used to the daily habits of getting ready for training, locker room talk with your teammates and playing in front of sold out arenas – at least most of… »

EHF EURO 2016 Sweden

A Night To Remember

It was a “must-win” game for Spain en route to the main round of EURO 2016 in Gothenburg. Yet, it wasn’t meant to be – not on this night at Hovet arena in Sweden’s capital.  The young crew from Serbia… »

Medial Call

Sky is the limit

No, I didn’t forget the article in front of “Sky”, because Sky is the limit, when it comes to sports television in Germany.  Just recently the DKB Handball-Bundesliga sold its broadcasting rights to t… »

There’s more than just handball

We all love to watch handball, don’t we?  It’s fun watching it even at a lower level.  Well, sometimes.  But then again there’s so much more than just handball, “real life” for example.  Just ask Kim Ekdahl du Rietz and Steffen Fäth about it.  They not only share the same position on the pitch, but also have a similar story to tell.  And both are connected to Rhein-Neckar Löwen.  Fäth, will join t… »

Opening Day

Finally – EURO 2016 in Sweden went underway with the match between Serbia and Slovenia (36:34) serving as the appetizer, followed by the main course – in front of 7,900 enthusiastic spectators at Stoc… »

“We needed to go in a different direction”

Frank Bohmann is the CEO of the so-called best league in the world, the DKB Handball-Bundesliga.  When details of the new TV deal where announced late last week, a lot of people in Germany’s handball… »

Will Russia make it – finally?

Russia have been World champions four times, and this summer, they have also won an Olympic gold medal, but they have never managed to become European champions – so far. Now, they make another run for the only title that has eluded them and their chances are good – to say the least. By Peter Bruun Russia´s list of international achievements in women´s handball is impressive.  They have been World… »