One Down, Two To Go

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One Down, Two To Go

May 19, 2024

By Sascha Staat and J. Schuetz

Coupe de France 2024

– National –

Metz HB vs JDA Dijon HB 29:20 (15:14)

Paris, France

Ahead of the clash between Metz HB and JDA Dijon HB  chances were slim that another team but the one from the Mosel region would win the 30th edition of the Coupe de France at Adidas arena, in Paris. Not only did Metz play the most finals of the competition but the French record champions only left the court six times as “second winners”.

1st Half Struggle

After struggling throughout the first half, head coach Emmanuel Mayonnade, saw some meaningful improvements on the defensive end once his crew returned from the locker room.

Following the half time break Valentini & Co. outscored Dijon 14:6 while stepping up their efforts on the other end of the pitch.  Stine Lonborg was the first scorer for Dijon in the second half – in the 12th minute.

Outstanding Sacko

Once again Hatadou Sacko in goal of Metz demonstrated her superb form this season, stopping 50% (17/34) of all shots coming her way and by minute 40 (25:18) the match was effectively decided.

Aside from Sacko’s outstanding performance, flawless scoring was provided by line player, Sarah Bouktit (6/6), Djazz Chambertin (4/4) and Anne Mette Hansen (3/3), while team captain, Chloe Valentini, and Kristina Jorgensen combined for an additional 10 goals.

12th French Cup win

As expected, Metz proved to be too much to handle for Dijon and when all was said and done, the team clad in yellow and blue celebrated their 12th victory overall and 3rd consecutive win of the French cup.


Right-back Louise Vinter Burgaard (recovering from a muscle injury) was missing in action and didn’t make the trip to Paris.  Her presence on the court will be needed en route to the possible triple championships for Metz HB in the 2023/24 season. One down (French cup), two to go (French championship and Champions League win).


Metz HB

A. Grijseels (3/5), C. Valentini (5/11), A.M. Hansen (3/3), K. Jorgensen (5/9), E. Jacques (1/6), S. Bouktit (6/6), L. Granier (2/4), D. Chambertin (4/4)

JDA Dijon HB

S. Lonborg (1/6), C. Valerie (2/4), M. Gravelle (1/3), I. di Rocco (2/6), N. Dury (2/4), R. Medel Urban (2/5), S. Valero (2/3), N. Perret (2/3), C. Sivertsen(6/11)

Post-Game Reactions

Lucie Granier (Metz HB)

Sarah Bouktit (Metz HB)



Coupe de France


Saint Loubes HB vs HC Canteleu


Inclusion – one of the buzzwords in recent years, often used with little action to follow. The French Handball Federation decided to set a new high watermark.

The handicapped final – HandFauteuil – of the Coupe de France 2024 made all the difference.  For the very first time handicapped handball players were part of the French cup finals and it took three sets before the team of HC Canteleu enjoyed the better end, lifting the trophy after a match for the history books.

Post-Game Reactions

Arthur Michon (Saint Loubes)

Thomas Dauzet-Vangeon (HC Canteleu)


Coupe de France

– Federal –

US Saintes vs Elite Val D’Oise

40:33 (17:18)


The match between US Saintes and Elite Val D’Oise turned into a fast paced and very high scoring affair. Val D’Oise went off to the better start and quickly led 5:1 after eight minutes before “The Saintes” staged a powerful comeback, supported by a raucous fan base.

Eventually, the team of head coach, Yannick Verdier, caught up and once his squad assumed the lead in the 35th minute, they never looked back.


Elite Val D’Oise

S. Lavialle (5/12), W. Clusel (1/4), R. Biglietti (1/1), A. Gerin (2/3), T. Franic (3/4), M. Brito Febras (8/12), I. Delobel (6/7), L. Leandry (1/2), R. Beaugars (2/2), M. Ismaili Alaoui (4/6)

US Saintes Handball

Y. Biai (2/3), I. Hakiki (2/2), C. Garcia (1/2), V. Blanchard (1/2), N. Moutibe (1/1), S. Toure (4/5), B. Gory (6/8), T. Le Fur (7/11), L. Tourre (4/7), N. Lenclume (10/11), G. Margnoux (2/3)

Post-Game Reactions

Yannick Verdier (Head coach US Saintes Handball)

Noah Lenclume (US Saintes Handball)

Noah Lenclume led all scorers shooting 10/11.

Coupe de France

– Federal –

Union Pays D’Aix Bouc HB vs Palente Besancon HB

18:33 (9:15)

In a lopsided match Union Pays D’Aix did not stand a chance against the women from Besancon who dominated the game from start to finish.

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