Only winning on his mind

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Only winning on his mind

June 3, 2017

Alex Dujshebaev is a superstar in the making but he attends the FINAL4 in Cologne for the very first time.  Here is what’s on his mind ahead of the 2017 Champions League season ending event.

It’s your first time at this event, how does it feel to be here?

AD: The feeling is quite impressive. I think the whole team did a great job to come here. In past years we were a bit out of luck, this time we were lucky enough to get here.  And we got here not only to because we are a good team, but we came to win.

Are you nervous?

AD: A little bit. But it’s always good to be a little bit nervous. But once the referees’ whistle starts the match I will only focus on the game.

Do you feel any pressure?

AD: Yes, a little bit. It’s wrong if people think that we don’t feel any pressure –  we are representing Macedonia, all the Macedonian players and the country. We have been very successful representing them,and obviously we want to do our best here as well.

What do you expect from the match against Barcelona?

AD: I expect a very difficult match because Barcelona is a very good team, one of the best in the world, for sure. They have shown some outstanding performances this season, but we will try very hard to win this match.

Is it on your mind that these two games will be your last for Vardar?

AD: Yes, I know that it’s my last weekend playing for Vardar, but I’m very nervous – I just want to do my very best to help this great team win.

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