“Right now, our adrenalin level is really, really high”

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“Right now, our adrenalin level is really, really high”

January 18, 2020

In the match against Sweden, he scored six times, pushing Portugal that much closer to a decisive ten goal victory against the host of EURO 2020. By now, the outstanding performances of the team of head coach, Paulo Pereira, do not come as total surprises anymore after defeating the likes of France and Sweden.  Before the next game against Iceland, stregspiller.com got the chance to talk to a very upbeat Fabio Magalhaes.

Congratulations to the successful match against Sweden and yet another impressive success of the Portuguese team.  Does your excellent performance still come as a surprise to you?

FM:  At the moment, we are really enjoying ourselves and we are having a good time at EURO 2020.  For fourteen years we were dreaming about competing at a European championship. Now, we are here and we are doing our best to continue – so far it is working.

In your preparation do you still take it match by match or do you already look a bit further ahead and think about what may be possible?

FM:  You cannot prevent looking a bit further down the road, but we know the games ahead of us are really difficult.  So, it’s better to focus on the next match against Iceland and not Hungary (the match that follows ed.).  If we don’t, we’ll lose without a doubt.  Every team here is extremely tough and very strong.

At EURO 2020 you’ll play a lot of games in a very short period of time  – do you feel that you are getting tired already?

FM:  Right now, our adrenalin level is really, really high and I hope it keeps us going.  Every player is looking forward to the next match.  Of course, we will get tired at some point, but so far we have rotated our bench quiet well and everybody has played.  We are not just using seven players, everybody has seen time on the court and that’s very positive.

Do you dare to forecast how far you’ll go in the tournament?

FM:  I don’t know but I can assure you that we will prepare for Iceland, play the game, do our best and try to win.


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