Slovenia deserves a lot of credit

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Slovenia deserves a lot of credit

January 25, 2017

Now, you are back in Paris after the opening game and so far France has achieved their mission. Everything worked out according to plan – what can go wrong from here on?

ON: I am a very optimistic person and I am certainly not focused on what could go wrong.  I am more concentrated on doing the right things.  We are giving a lot of credit to our next opponent (Slovenia ed.). They deserve to be here, they fought very hard to be here, as we did.  We can not afford to take this match lightly – this would be a big mistake.  They deserve a lot of praise and I am very happy for them because they played a great competition, until now.  But we have to be a themt if we want to go further. We have to win this game.

How do see your own game over the course of this World championship?

ON: My role in the team is a little bit special.  I didn’t play a lot.  When I did play, I performed well.  I am very happy with what I contributed so far.  For me it’s satisfying – this competition is not over yet, and I have to stay ready and remain focused, because the coach can call me any time and I have to be ready at this moment.

What’s the biggest surprise for you in this tournament ?

ON: Obviously, all the people that pay attention to our sport were expecting the European champion, Germany to be here.  But they went out against Qatar, which was a big surprise.  Spain exiting the tournament early was also a big surprise to me, and Denmark, of course.

On the positive side, I would like to mention Norway.  They really showed their skills.  It’s a young team that plays hard and fast.

Do you expect Norway to defeat Croatia?

ON: I have now words about it – I should not talk about it.  All I can say is that Norway is a very fine team that deserves to be in the semi-final.  We will see who wins it.  It’s a 50/50 chance.  Every team in the semi-final wants to win but this year it will be very special, I think.

/ JS

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