Tunisia – at last

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Tunisia – at last

January 17, 2019

MATCH REVIEW – Tunisia never left any real doubt which team would go the main round, as they beat Austria by five goals in their last group match, on Thursday.

By Peter Bruun

Group C

Austria vs Tunisia 27:32 (14:18)

Before the Match

Chile’s victory against Saudi Arabia meant that an Austrian win would no longer suffice, as all three teams – Tunisia, Austria and Chile – would be on four points, in this particular case.

In fact, Austria needed an 11-goal victory to proceed any further.  Tunisia, on the other hand, still held their fate in their own hands.

Austria had goalkeeper, Thomas Bauer, in the team for the first time during the tournament, after the birth of his child.

The Result

Tunisia made sure officlas could forget all the arithmetic, as they decided the match on their own terms, winning by five-goals.

1st Half

Knowing what was at stake, Austria went all-in. They played fast, sometimes to fast for their own good, but they did move ahead 2:0, unfortunately this was their only lead in the first half.

Soon Tunisia took over and changed the course of the game, thanks to their efficiencies on both ends of the court.  Scoring three goals in a row, they went up 3:2, before three more goals extended their lead to 6:3.

The two teams changed sides at 18:14 in favor of the team from North Africa.

 2nd Half

Tunisia increased their lead to six, before Austria began to catch up, and nine minutes before the end Gerald Zeitner recorded the equalizer at 25:25.

But, in the remaining eight minutes, Tunisia took the initiative once again and never looked back.

What´s Next?

Tunisia will join Denmark and Norway in the main round, while Austria’s coach, Patrekur Johannesson, will have to reach deep and try to motivate his players for the President´s Cup.


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