Up Close

Björgvin Gustavsson

July 2016 -

To call him crazy might be a little bit of an overstatement, as most people translate “crazy” in a negative way. Iceland’s Björgvin Gustavsson – the current goalkeeper of Bergischer HC – is a very positive, strong willed person with a past that wasn’t always easy. And as strange as it sounds – a chicken changed his life. Meet ”Bjöggi”as he is called by almost everyone, talking about Iceland, winning an Olympic medal, a difficult youth and future plans.


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Clara Woltering

June 2016 -

Clara Woltering is one hard working athlete and it’s difficult to fully comprehend what she has accomplished in her career. It’s even harder to imagine what she achieves every single day. She is not just a world-class goalkeeper, but also a full-time farmer. Six days a week she gets up very early in the morning, works until 15:00 hours, takes a short break and then – three times a week – she drives to Dortmund attending her club’s training sessions. Two hours later she returns back home, takes a seat at her desk and does paper work. In between she plays handball in the German Bundesliga and the national team. Clara Woltering – a fantastic handball player and true role model.


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