We can win

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We can win

January 25, 2017

Team Slovenia is widely considered the big underdog in the fight against France.  How do you prepare your players?

VV:   Look – two or three years ago, my young players wanted autographs from Daniel Narcisse or Nikola Karabatic and tomorrow they – we have to play against them, these perfect players.  But we will try to enjoy this game.

How do you as a coach approach this match?

VV:   The upcoming quarter-final against France is my dream as a coach.  We will play in front of 16,000 people against France – probably the best team in the past 10 – 15 years – in Paris, this is the best I can imagine.  Again – we will try to enjoy the match and show good handball.  And if we play a relaxed game, we can win tomorrow.

/ JS

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